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Coral Cay Philippines London and Midlands Diving Chambers

Coral Cay Philippines

Coral Cay was first introduced to me by a few friends who were studying Marine Biology at university. Several of them were heading out to take part in projects in the Phillipines...
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Halcyon Eclipse Infinity
Richard Peirce's Sharkipedia


Dawn Kerngagis

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Richard Peirce's Sharkipedia

At the end of January 2016 the small town of Gansbaai in South Africa's Western Cape was in panic. The income from Great White shark tourism makes up a large part of Gansbaai's economy and the sharks had...
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Herb Crusted Trout with Lemon Beurre Blanc and Vegetable Spaghetti

Highlights From The Archive:

Issue 6 - The Zenobia

Issue 7 - Practical Guide to The Orkneys and Scapa Flow

Issue 20 - Cooking the Catch: Salmon Fishcakes with Aioli

Cooking the Catch: Herb Crusted Trout

Andrew Maxwell

My open water diver certification card is a very rare thing - in fact, I'm sure it should be in a museum. There are only 25 like it in the entire world: it contains the name of my instructor: Paul V Toomer, OWSI...
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Dr Olivetti Firth, Diving Shaman

Diving was invented in 1974. Within minutes diving pestilence evolved. Thus Dr Oli Firth had to be built out of the finest elements known to humanity. Now he is here to answer all your diving medical queries. So get on it or we'll have to deconstruct him again and use his bits to build a ferocious squirrel, and no one wants that.
50 Reasons to Hate the French
The Dive Lectures at the Royal Geographical Society were a great success yet again in 2016, with a sell out crowd and a record amount raised for Scuba Trust. Check out our behind the scenes cam from the night.

The speakers were:
  • Lord Prescott (via video link)
  • Marine biologist Pat Spain
  • Author Graham Hancock

Latest entry from the blog:

Zombies. Obviously.
Grrrr etc.

Be warned: Walking Dead spoilers are rife in the following. There's a fair few Machiavellian spoilers in there as well, for anyone that's six hundred years behind pop-culture.

I just wanted to get this thought up here before anyone else steals it. And they will steal it. Like in 1975 when I had the idea for punk by refusing to eat my dinner, but was unable to express my destructo-creative desires in a coherent philosophical format as I was too young to talk. I'll never forgive Rotten for stealing that.

So, Machiavelli, as we all know, was an early renaissance era Italian political philosopher. Italy, at the time, had never really got over the glory days of the Roman empire and was in a state of political and societal chaos. This, obviously, is very much the situation at the beginning of the first season of the Walking Dead. Society has collapsed under the weight of apathy, moral ambiguity, and highly infectious corpses with a taste for human flesh. Machiavelli hated it.

But the goal was clear. Society had to be restored to, well, a society. And the best form of society is the Republic.

After the chaos of season one, a few human remnants of the old society take the easiest route to establishing a new society; they find one elsewhere. But here, we merely find an echo of the old problems: immorality; greed; petty power struggles; and zombies in the shed. Collapse is once again inevitable, so how do we create a strong republic?

Machiavelli has the answer in season three. It's an effective answer, but it's never been popular: The Prince. Played in this case by Rick from Teachers. Machiavelli has long been associated with the notorious maxim "The ends justify the means", which throughout history has been taken as license for bad people to do bad things, but this was never Machiavelli's intention. The point was that the ends had to be good ends, and democracy has never been very good at delivering revolutionary goodness. That's what the Prince is for.

Given the revolutionary episodes of the twentieth century, it seems clear nowadays that the ends are in part determined by the means, and you can't go around killing people just because they wear glasses if you want to remain historically popular. Even though people who wear glasses definitely deserve it.* But if you want something doing, it helps to have all power centralised in the hands of one person. And that person needs to be a bad-ass.

Thus, here comes Rick, TCB (Takin' Care o' Business). But his ultimate aim is good: to restore the Republic; and that's what he does. The Prison Principality is strong enough to defeat the external attacks of a constitution under the control of a similar, albeit more mental, Prince, the Governor, and When The Music's Over, Rick hands over the keys of the new republic to the people that live within it.

Thus to season four. Internal as well as external pressures are creating huge problems for the republic, and whilst it seems to have weathered the zombie storm, it's substantially weakened. Given that the auld adversary is back, it seems like the time for the Prince may be upon us again.

Particularly as this time the Governor is motivated, seemingly, by love. And that's never going to end well. Princes just aren't built for it. That's what republics are for.

*I never wear glasses. Except for reading.


A message from Ed

Hello Tanked Up readers, and welcome to our UK Diver edition. By the time this issue hits your dive shops, our fate as a European nation will have been decided, and in hindsight our chosen theme for this issue is perhaps a little provocative no matter what the outcome, but nevertheless here we are, celebrating why it is great to be a diver in the UK in 2016.

Last month we enjoyed our 17th annual Dive Lectures at the Royal Geographical Society in London, in aid of our good friends at The Scuba Trust, and boy what a memorable night it was for all. Opening the Lectures this year was the infamous Lord Prescott, (via video link at the last minute thanks to a very important immigration bill) good ol' two-jags brought a lively and energetic presence to the stage and thankfully no one was in range of that deadly right hook! Our main two speakers Patrick Spain (all the way from Boston USA no less) and Graham Hancock (unconventional ancient ruin thinker extraordinaire), had our 600 strong audience enraptured from the start, and I am delighted to announce that we raised a record breaking £3051 for Scuba Trust.

The focus for this issue is UK Diving. With more and more people opting for ‘staycations' in the current climate, and British divers having a reputation for being, let's face it, the best around, we thought we'd pack this issue full of articles designed to aid those who want to get the most out of diving in the UK.

In our health section our docs talk you through cold water diving and share the best of patients UK based dive medical questions. We also take a trip to Portland and Weymouth in Dive Trip UK and look at the trials of being a UK diver with our resident techie Paul Toomer. Maybe you're not convinced that UK diving is for you? Take our quiz and find out.

I am also very excited to introduce our brand new Youth Corner into this issue on page 48, youth editor Maddie and her team are on hand to inspire the next generation of divers as they share their experiences of being a teen diver in the UK.

We also raise an important issue facing divers at the moment, the change in HSE medical guidelines. The new stricter rules are causing ripples in the sport and commercial diving industry as divers are forced to seriously reassess their health and fitness regimes in order to get their certificate.

As always we want to hear from you, our Tanked Up readers, what do you think of the stories covered in this issue? What would you like to see in the next one?


And so: Upload your Club Night photos and the good photographs you've taken in the deep. Even take a step on your journalistic career and write up your last dive trip. Whatever sort of diver you are, from a violent sociopath like Tyson the triggerfish to a sexually-retarded instructor like Brad, enjoy this website and get hold of a copy of Tanked Up Magazine.

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