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FAQ Dive Medicine

The bible of dive medicine is here.

FAQ Dive Medicine is a new and invaluable book brought to you by the specialist doctors at London Diving Chamber and it is aimed at YOU, the diver.

Divers often have more questions about their health and diving than the number of fish they see underwater: should I dive if I’m pregnant? How can I equalise properly? Will my medication affect my diving? Finally, FAQ Dive Medicine is here to provide any serious diver, dive guide or instructor with the answers.

Previously, most diving medical books have been written for doctors and not for divers themselves. Instead they were left to dive away in blissful ignorance of the medical complications lurking in the murky depths, waiting to arise and take hold of them. Thankfully, Dr Oliver Firth and Jules Eden at London Diving Chamber have now given divers the essential resource they need to tackle those diving issues head on.

Based on a broad sample of questions put to Dr Oli and Jules in over twenty years in their field of medicine, the answers in FAQ Dive Medicine are written in an entirely readable, informative and very witty way so that any curious diver can now be both educated and entertained in those somewhat tedious hours between dives.

Co-Author of FAQ Dive Medicine and Medical Director of both London and Midlands Diving Chambers, Dr Oliver Firth is very pleased with the end result:

    “Having dealt with numerous diving-related queries over the years, from the reasonable to the absurd, we came to realise just how valuable this advice would be to real life divers getting in the water week in and week out.
    It is an honour to have contributed to a book that is in many ways the first of its kind: a comprehensive guide to dive medicine aimed at divers, not doctors. We have tried to create an entertaining and accessible resource that tackles the common problems faced by divers and demystifies diving medicine as far as possible.”

FAQ Dive Medicine is available to order direct from Amazon for £8.95.