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Tanked Up Magazine Home

The official website for the Tanked Up Magazine provides divers with scuba diving blogs, trip reports, club night events, cartoons, information of dive medicine and much more.

Trip Reports

Upload your dive club trip reports from the UK or around the world together with your photographs on the Tanked Up Magazine website and maybe the story from your dive trip will be published in the next issue of Tanked Up Magazine.

Club Nights

Tell us about your dive club nights and events and upload the funniest photos and maybe these will be published and written about in the next issue of Tanked Up Magazine.

Underwater Pics

Upload your best underwater photographs that you've taken from your dive trips around the UK or abroad. The best will be published in the next issue of Tanked Up Magazine.

Gimp My Bride

DMT takes another look at the latest hottest babe gimped out in her scuba diving equipment. Gimp My Bride from Tanked Up Magazine.



Read what the Editor / Rob of Tanked Up Magazine has recently added to the scuba diving blog. Issues and funny stories for scuba divers in the South East.


Old Editions of the Tanked Up Magazine.

Medical FAQs

Dive Medical questions & answers for common scuba diving conditions and illness, whether decompression sickness, ears or medication, from Tanked Up Magazine. Provided in conjunction with the doctors at the London and Midlands Diving Chambers.

Cooking The Catch

Recipes from the scuba diving chef, Andrew Maxwell. Great recipes to cook after diving for your freshest ingredients from the ocean, including: lobster, scallops, fish.

Best Dive Worst Dive

Read about different scuba divers who work in the scuba diving world. What was their best diving experience and what was their worst?

KLJ Diver Travel


Win great prizes with Tanked Up Magazine competitions.

The Crew

The editorial and dive crew of the Tanked Up Magazine, the magazine of the Midlands, London, South East England dive clubs.

Guinea Pig

Apply to be the Tanked Up Magazine Guinea Pig and get free stuff to test out.

Trip Offers

All the latest travel deals from London and Midlands Dive Operators for London and Midlands based divers brought to you by Tanked Up Magazine.


All the latest events in the London and Midlands area for London and Midlands based divers brought to you by Tanked Up Magazine.

Contact Us

Contact Tanked Up Magazine with your scuba diving questions, issues or dive club events.

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Find out where you can get your copy of the latest issue of Tanked Up Magazine. List of all the dive centres and distributors where the magazine is available. The Tanked Up Magazine is full of UK dive club events, news, issues, dive trip reports, dive medicine and funny articles.