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Here's the pick of the best letters we've received recently:
Been diving in Jordan. Great shore dives but the viz is ter- rible. You can’t see a sodding thing for all the CIA opera- tives and journalists killing time underwater whilst waiting for it to kick off out there. Agent Orange and Fisk from the Indy, you’re wasting your time. There’s an English Queen Mum behind the throne there. There’s more chance of them winning the World Cup than a revolution. Get out of there and stop ruining my dives.

Hashemite Harry

I am fed up of references in your publication about “hard working tax payers”. I pay tax but barely lift my finger at work.

Tai Jones

Health and Safety Executive Liverpool

Do you know Jurgen Klinsmann has his PADI Advanced? Do you know John Terry can’t swim? Sort of says it all really.

Rafa the Greek

Has anyone seen that viral video of the shark and the Ko- rean rapper? I did and it was cr*p. I just don’t know what makes the youth tick anymore. In my day it was a morning dive at Stoney - followed by a fight in the car park there. Now kids that age BBM each other to trash someone’s house then guffaw over a prancing Seoul singer getting his leg bitten off.

We need a good war to teach them the value of life.

SM, Daventry

We’ve already got two on the go and things seem to be getting worse. Ed

Hi there,

I’m just emailing to ask whether the photos you wish to have sent in should be wild photos or can you take pho- tos of captive animals and send them in, as featured by Mark Bruce in issue 15, page 33 of the Grey Reef shark?


Liane Riley

We don’t really have strict criteria for the regular under- water photography competition here at Tanked Up. We have no pretensions of being Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. We just want you snapping away with your camera in the water and sending your photos in, whether they are of marine life, divers (and some of these on occasion may be considered to be a little wild), wrecks or whatever catches your eye. So do please send in any underwater photos you have.

Tanked Up Editorial Team

Just seen Tim Ecott’s book “Neutral Buoyancy” in the Staff Picks section of Waterstones on Trafalgar Square.

About bloody time a diving author got recognised above all that tat that fills the bookshelves. If Tim becomes a Scandy and writes about spanking and bondage in neo- prene, his next book will be a best seller. Only a suggestion.

Hachette, London

Feeling inspired? Why not write to us yourself? We'll put the best letters up here and in our next issue. Adventure Divers La Manga