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Ocean Visions
By crikey I love fish. Fish, fish, fish. I just can't get enough of them. When I'm not diving, I'm at the fishmongers. And when that's closed, I go to the 24 hour Asda and look into the freezer section at the cod fillets.

Do any other readers share such a passion for fish?

My favourites are the little blue ones, can't remember their name though.

Mardy Fish.
ATP tennis pro

In reference to Letters Issue 8. I too love our scaly finned brethren. However my favourite fish is the Leatherback Turtle. I know what you are going to say, but if you look closely at Linnaean typing of the animal kingdom the small print says "if it smells of fish, it is a fish"

G Chaucer.

In reference to Letters [8]. May I make a comment to the inaccuracies of the previous letter. As Mayor of Grimsby, Mr Chaucer would have us as a fish, whereas two minutes on Google Satellite views, shows us clearly as a town... not smelling of fish, as there are none left. You have to go to Hull for that now.

The Mayor of Grimsby.

I just love the "Cooking the Catch" articles you have in the magazine. It's good to see what is sustainable out there. However, could Andy the Chef do a recipe that contains some baked beans and a couple of slices of toast, in a sea-foody sort of way. That's all I've got in the larder at the moment.

Oh, and I've just found some pickled walnuts from last Xmas. A garnish perhaps?

S Stevens.

Can any reader help me? Who is taller? Monty Halls or Fish out of Marillion? Sorry... can't stop thinking of fish.
[That's enough. Ed]

I wonder if you can help me. My boss greeted me yesterday with the words "publish or die, and if you don't publish, we'll kill you". I work in the somewhat esoteric field of tentacle statistics, and although my paper entitled "Unfair marine fights: Two Punkfish versus a Mutant Octopod" is due to be printed in the next issue of The Jewish Jellyfish Journal. I fear this will only be a temporary stay of execution. During this period of economic disquiet and job uncertainty, his comment has got me thinking I may be out of work soon. But I did meet pugnacious (c)rapper Jay-Z in the canteen lunch queue last week. Does this tenuous link to a minor celebrity guarantee a few inches in your glowing organ, thus staving off my imminent dismissal?

Yours with blind optimism,

Prof. Vincent Cuticle (Dip. Nails)

I can't help but think this Facebook thing flies in the face of your mission statement regarding envelopes, stamps, paper and ink, but more power to you. And surely I'm not alone in thinking that Paul Toomer is way cool enough as he is without having 'Vincent' in the middle of his name... The Sharm breakfast article was hilarious not to be read whilst having a cuppa spayed it everywhere, vicar!

(comment on the Facebook Group page)

Dear Editor/fellow divers.

Absolutely love your mag, especially Brad Lobectomy and his ginger haired side kick!! Since I know your mag is widely read by loads of divers, thought I might ask my fellow tank lovers a question. I'm coming up to my 100th dive (hoorah!!) and a few dive pals have been convincing me that the 100th dive must be done naked. Is this true? Or are they trying to wind me up to convince me to "drop all"! Honest re-assurance please!!

A bashful diver

(Please feel free to send your responses to this diver...)
Maldives Diving Adventure
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