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A message from Ed

And what an Olympics that was. What a show the industrious Chinese put on for the rest of the humble world. So before Richard Gere and that lot start whingeing, may I suggest that the only way Tibet could really be part of such wonderment, is to be "Anchlussed" by their neighbours. A bit like Scotland is when London 2012 rolls into town.

Now, we all know that the host city gets to choose one sport. Underwater hockey was one suggestion I heard. Come off it you divers, you'll never make the team, and besides, overwater hockey is boring enough without being slowed down by the blue. Can you imagine how crap the fights would be at the bottom of the pool. The last time I tried to punch someone out at depth, it took three seconds for my arm to move through the water.

So, forget anything divey in 4 years. May I make my suggestion? A sport cheap to do, so all developing nations can afford to do it. Steeped in history, tension and drama and one that fulfils the Olympic ideal of "fatter, higher, stronger":


It has to be. Let's lobby Boris and Seb and see the Power Taylor lift more gold bling. Unless he gets beaten by a Dutchman. Or a Canadian.

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