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Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Namaste and errr Shalom, summer is approaching us all my friends and

with it comes the anticipation of warmer weather, exotic landscapes and lands far far away.

Whilst Protein World is busy trying to body shame us all into our itsy bitsy swimsuits with their fat-stripping, summer-body focused adverts, here at Tanked Up we're encouraging you to cover up with diving kit and get exploring the vast underwater world that so many of us call home. But hey, if you'd rather drink rancid looking milkshakes all season so that you can rock your banana hammock and order pina coladas from your all inclusive sun lounger then be my guest, you will no doubt have some exciting tales to tell...

So in this issue, our aptly named 'Travel' issue,

we have endeavoured to bring you articles full of helpful and inspiring information to help motivate even the most lethargic of diver to stretch their fins this season. As always our chamber docs are on hand to make sure that you stay safe, whatever your underwater activities, including entertaining travel FAQs and a comprehensive guide to flying and diving, and the dangers of forgetting those all important surface time rules.

Also in this issue we look at the best places for divers to head this summer with trip reports from Fiji, the Great Barrier Reef and Cozumel. Staying closer to home this year? We have plenty of UK based diving activities to inspire you, including a UK trip report from the Isle of Scilly, a dive site focus on Divers Cove in Surrey and a brand new training course from LDC Training. And if you really are intent on staying dry this summer then don't forget the weekly 50m dry dives that we run at our chambers, find out what goes down at the chamber.

An additional focus for this travel inspired issue was tackling the situation in Egypt. Now we are not here to provide political clarity on what is a complex and tense situation, but as a long standing holiday destination for European divers and ex pats, we wanted to get to the bottom of what diving is really like today in Egypt,

and whether people still feel as safe and comfortable as they once did when visiting the popular towns

and dive sites.

As always we want to hear from you, our Tanked Up readers, what do you think of the stories covered in this issue? What would you like to

see in the next one? Join in the conversation on Twitter or Facebook by finding us @TankedUpMag or Facebook

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