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April of this year sees a lot of changes in the way diving chambers will operate in England.

From this month the Government has decided it will no longer fund what is called HBO treatment. This is the term given for non-diving cases that benefit from oxygen therapy. This covers a multitude of illnesses from diabetic wounds to post cancer irradiation damage.

The shocking thing is that this is standard in all countries including the USA where insurers happily pay for oxygen rather than the trauma of amputation with the follow up costs that are involved. That’s right. Cameron and Clegg would rather see your Nan’s leg removed than pay for a side effect free treatment at a hyperbaric facility.

It will now only be available to those that can pay privately.

We’re all in it together, eh!

The saddest point, is that the commissioning process to decide NOT to pay for HBO, has cost MORE than the treatments would have done in the first place. “The NHS is safe in our hands”.

Right, and I am a banana.

But hey, this magazine is supposed to be fun, not an organ for Ed’s political ranting.

Thanks to all who downloaded the last issue. Thousands indeed, but feedback is you would rather have the smell of paper and glue than tablet screen-wipes.

And as the Tanked Up App is now available for Android tablets as well as iPads for the back issues we will make sure all copies have a print version first.

So what’s in your hands now?

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