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St Ives


Splash out

Well there is no doubt about where to go if you've got a few bob and must 'have the best' you will be staying at the 3 star AA 2 Rosette Garrack Hotel. This rather plush establishment boasts sea views (well a must have on the Cornish coast), indoor pool and a fantastic award-winning restaurant in case you can't stoop down to join your diving buddies in The Sloop by the harbour after a days basking shark spotting.
Surf And Turf Safaris
St Ives However if you must step out to enjoy a tasty meal then there is no question but to book a table at Blue Fish Restaurant. This stylish restaurant is set up slightly from the harbour and has a delicious seafood menu and the wine list ain't to be sniffed at either. One of the top dishes when I was there had to be the fish stew, but I challenge any of you to actually get to the bottom of this enormous bowl (menu changes regularly).

Garrack Hotel
Burthallan Lane, St Ives
Cornwall TR26 3AA
Tel: 01736 796199
(67 - 116 pp)
St Ives Blue Fish Restaurant
Norway Lane, St. Ives
Cornwall TR26 1LZ
Tel: 01736 794204

Mid water

For a comfortable night in a midrange hotel check into the Atlantic Hotel offering a relaxed and informal atmosphere with views over the west Cornwall coastline and private parking.

For both stylish and fantastic location, Coast offers excellent food at reasonable prices (lunch from 5 and dinner from just 10!). This restaurant is set up on the first floor right on the harbour front over-looking the fishing boats as they come in at the end of the day.
St Ives
Atlantic Hotel
St Ives Road, Carbis Bay, St Ives,
Cornwall, TR26 2SB
Tel - (01736) 796177
(40 - 55 pp)

Dynas-la, The Wharf, St Ives
Cornwall, TR26 1LG
Tel: 01736-794925

Low tide

For price and convenience, you cannot beat Hobblers House. This quaint little rickety building is placed right next to the dive centre (Dive St Ives) on the harbour front. You will awaken to the squawking of the seagulls on the roof, but this is inescapable anywhere in St Ives and is just part of life on the British coast. There is also a cosy restaurant here offering local fayre and fresh seafood.
St Ives And whilst you have made it down to nearly the furthest end of Cornwall, it would be rude not to enjoy a tasty Cornish pasty from, surprise surprise, The Cornish Pasty Shop. There is a massive range of different savoury and sweet pasties to choose from, but keep your eyes out for those pirates of the sky that also seem so keen on this local produce.

Hobblers House
The Wharf, St Ives
Cornwall, TR26 1LG
Tel: 01736 796439
(B&B 30 pp)
Ralf Tech
St Ives The Cornish Pasty Shop
The Slipway, Wharf Road, St Ives,
Cornwall TR26 1LF
Tel: 01736 799 034

Pubs & Clubs

To be honest, there is really only one pub that is a must for beer o'clock and that is The Sloop right on the harbour front, where you can sit outside and watch the boats come in on a summers evening.

The only other pub we can recommend is The Castle on Fore Street. This is a proper local's pub with a pub quiz on Sunday and Monday evenings.

For the big night out and time to get the dancing shoes on, then head off to Iso Bar (to be found on Street-An-Pol), a late night cocktail bar and club. The music will vary according to the mood of the DJs and there are also various live bands that will blast your ears out at this popular St Ives night spot.
  Also, I've just heard about... Dive St Ives are currently offering some great package deals which include diving, b&b (all rooms with on-suite bathroom) at Howards Hotel, airfills, pack lunches (special diets catered for) and lifts to and from your accommodation to the Quay where the dive boat will depart from:

3 nights with 4 boat dives 199
5 nights with 8 boat dives 249
7 nights with 10 boat dives 399

Call Dive St Ives for more information or to create havoc and alter your dive package needs 01736 799 299
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