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Ralf Tech
As happy as a pig in... water Lamentably, the time for Guinea Piggery is over. You wanted the free thing. You needed the free thing. Your dreams were a frenzied hotbed of free-thing-based expectation. Then you tried to woo the free thing. But the free thing spurned your advances, leaving you rejected and 38% psychotic. Unless you won the free thing, of course, then it's happy times and derogatory expletives all round for the rest of those non-free-thing-winning losers.

Still, we've moved with the times and now all you need do to claim free dive gear is make yourself look ridiculous in front of the entire nation. Yesterday Matthew, I was a factory completist. But tonight Matthew, I'm gonna be with Jesus...
Halcyon Coldwater Defender Spool Oliver Powell was the winner of the Halcyon Coldwater Defender Spool from issue 7.

This is what he had to say:

"When I received the defender spool, I was really excited about how it would perform, and also, why Halcyon had decided to slightly change the conventional spool.

The spool is really nicely cast with not a rough edge anywhere. It is also light but not too light. These two features are very important because when using a spool as a cave line you need it light so that line can be placed easily and quickly but you need a little weight to it so that when deploying an SMB it doesn't easily jump out of your hand when the bag heads off to the surface. The smoothness of the reel means that it never snags on gloves while being used. I love diving and I love diving in adverse conditions so the need to be able to send a Surface Marker Buoy up to the surface with a minimal amount of fuss is paramount.

The Defender is also a 'cold water' spool which means the hole running through the spool is of large diameter which again allows the spool to be deployed even when wearing thick 5 or 7mm gloves. What they have done is add a small rim around the hole on the spool and put some holes in it. I could not get my head around why it was there, then after deploying the spool a few times I realised it was used for reeling the line in. A really neat idea, however the spool would still work beautifully without it."