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Thanks for downloading this issue. You have helped make history. The first decent dive magazine to go "PDF" as our graphics team call it.

Tankie will still run paper print copies for the dive shows, and for distribution to all the dive shops and sites you normally get it from. But once in a while we will bang out a digi version for you to get off the website.

We also need you the diver to give us feedback on any computer, copy or content issues - as well as how you think it looks and feels on your PC/mac screen. You can slag us off as anonymously as you want.

Now you can click through to advertisers, do the competitions more easily, and big up the diversí photos to watch them pixellate at extreme largeness. Get your mate to download their own copy rather than having to give them your copy and never get it back.

If you have been sent to work on an oil rig in Jakarta or a scallop farm in Dhaka, no worries, hereís your issue by the wonders of the web.

Itís a win-win as andy murray says in New York New York.

And thereís more... As we have said before, tanked up is in the App store as a free iPad app for all the past issues. Do the download - as they sing in Korea.

Whatís just a click away on your screen now? The same - but more beautiful.

Like a child growing up.

Tanked Up.


PS. We saw a complete collection of issues 1-16 go for 350 quid on eBay. Interesting! Hold on to your old ones.

Denney Diving
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