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First Aid At Work

First Aid At Work

First Aid At Work


Emma Wilson

As well as providing expert training for the offshore and commercial diving industry, LDC- Training also provides a range of First Aid courses, ideal for nominated first aiders in the workplace, or anyone requiring comprehensive training and the skills to deal with first aid emergencies. In this issue we focus on the HSE First Aid at Work course combined with oxygen administration and AED operator courses.

Course Profile: First Aid At Work

Designed for people from all backgrounds, the First Aid at Work course offers a unique spin on a typical First Aid course by drawing on the LDC-T team's experience of diving medical emergencies and hyperbaric medicine. Offering the option of completing the full course over a three-day period that is valid for three years, the course is run to the guidelines of the Health and Safety Executive(HSE) and the UK Resuscitation Guidelines.

Covering subjects from Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to diabetes and wound care management; the First Aid At Work is diverse, interesting and informative with experienced teachers and great educational stimuli. Incorporating scenarios and real life practical life—experience stories, the First Aid At Work offers a different kind of First Aid learning and in a vibrant, interactive and somewhat ‘uncommon' working environment.

Knowing that nominated first aiders have to refresh their skills regularly, LDC-T also provide a two day Refresher course which can also be combined with other essential life-saving courses, and all at a bargain price!

Course combinations include:

  • Oxygen Providers

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Emergency Scuba Medic

Oxygen Providers:

Something we should all know about, but few of us do. Designed to help enhance our skills when it comes to Basic Life Support, this course is fun, interesting and teaches the student how to administer oxygen through a variety of systems, safely and effectively.

Automated External Defibrillators:

You will have started to notice that these are now everywhere, making them very accessible and amazingly successful. This course cannot be recommended enough to help save a person's life, Basic Life Support is only a holding action, until an AED can arrive on the scene a person's condition cannot improve, knowing this skill is crucial for a responsible first aider.

By combining these three courses you will be well on your way to becoming a great First Aider, by having that extra bite of knowledge you will have that extra edge and confidence in an emergency situation, something that will be the deciding factor for the person you help. Even if you don't have to ever put this in practice (in the workplace or otherwise) at least now you will know how to act if an emergency situation arises. The unique way in which these courses are taught shows you how to deal with an emergency in both a team situation and an individual one, with a great focus on a systematic approach that is aimed to help even the most nervous First Aider respond efficiently.

Covering this wide range of topics these three courses, either together or separately, offer anyone wanting to learn a little about medicine and diving a great base of knowledge to draw on.

Get in, have a go and enjoy yourself. Ensure that you are useful in the next emergency and not just a bystander.

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